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As is quoted by StrongFirst, “Strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities,” - Prof. Leonid Matveev. 

It is a skill that needs to be practiced, and is expressed through a variety of tools - Kettlebells, dumbells, barbells, bodyweight and more.



Strength is both harder to develop and has a lower peak if not built on a base of movement competency. Mobility and control of mobility are essential in creating a rich learning environment to build strength and capacity upon. Move Well before you Move Often.



Underpinning all of this is health. Nutrition, sleep and stress management are always fundamental to your training. Being educated and aware of where you are now and where you are going is key.


William Jenkins is the lead instructor for Functional Movement Systems (FMS) in New Zealand, he presents nationally on various topics in health and fitness and is a personal trainer based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

William, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, received his Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science focusing on Sports Biomechanics and Injury Rehabilitation. Personal development and education continues to play a significant part in his training and training philosophy, and over the past 20+ years in the industry he has attained numerous certifications from global leaders in health and fitness.  

William is a lead instructor for FMS, teaching and certifying the internationally recognised Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) to coaches, trainers, and clinicians across Australasia. He presented at national fitness conferences on the subject of movement screening and program design.


William focuses his training expertise on bridging the gap between pain/injury to achieving an individual's goals in life/sport, whether they be youth athletes recovering from injury to the 'Over 40's' staying/getting in shape with knees that creak a little.